Bright Ideas for Adults this Halloween

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Bright Ideas for Adults this Halloween

We all know how much kids love Halloween, but what about adults? Unfortunately, there does not seem to be much chance of having a normal Halloween this year. That doesn’t mean Halloween is a total loss. For most of us, going to our local bar, costume party or friendly gathering is no longer an option.

What are our options this year? Here are three bright ideas to enjoy the spookiest time of year even with Covid and social distancing.

 1.) Remote Movie Night- Staying in or Going Out

Who doesn’t love getting together with friends and watching scary movies? There is always your one friend who has an obscenely big TV and amazing sound system. Great snacks, fun costumes, themed deserts, and lots of covered dishes! Why cancel movie night? Most streaming services give you the option to have a group viewing session. If you must go out for Halloween, why not a drive-in movie theatre. Yes, they are still around and have been an integral solution to entertainment during Covid. Check to see where your local drive-in theatre is and meet up with some friends. Though you won’t be able to see the scared look on their face, you’ll still be able to hear it. The best part? Not having to force down your one friends yearly attempt at cooking. Dress up in your spookiest attire, set up a zoom meeting, crack open a pumpkin beer and chow down on half off Halloween candy.

2.) Corn Maze

Let’s say you’re not a fan of scary movies and pumpkin beer, what is there to do? If your idea of a fun Halloween doesn’t include not being able to sleep for the next three days, from scaring yourself, then you are not alone. A local corn maze allows for social distancing and the ability to have a friendly competition. You are able to get out and get active while the weather still permits. Most corn mazes offer a variety of attractions. These include, but are not limited to apple picking, farmers market and pumpkin carving, depending on your location.


3.) DIY

We all love a good do it yourself, otherwise HGTV wouldn’t be a thing. If you’re losing your Halloween spirit, try some do it yourself projects. Look into a socially distant costume party if you’re still going into the office or your work space. Pumpkin carving never gets old and is always a classic way to decorate your home. We’ve seen plenty of creative ways to individualize our health masks, and Halloween is no exception!
If you have a furry family owner, then you know the desire to dress them up is real. A little creativity goes a long way and with a DIY projects, your pet can even get in on the fun!. Though most pets could care less if they are dressed up for Halloween, it is nothing a couple homemade dog treats would not solve.



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